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The cost of junk removal can change based on a few things. It depends on factors like how much debris there is, how heavy it is, and how far it has to go to get thrown away. Even though prices can go up and down depending on the situation, having an idea of the average cost can help people plan and budget for this important service. 

Whether cleaning up stuff at home or dealing with bigger messes, knowing the cost can help make smart choices and keep your surroundings cleaner and more organized. Go through the next sections and get more ideas about the junk removal cost. 

How Much Does It Cost For Junk Removal In Baltimore

A lot of dirt and trash are around in the city which can be a big problem. Residents of the city often need help getting rid of their trash. But how much is junk removal? 

The average cost of junk removal primarily depends on the truckload. In this method, a service company estimates the quantity of trash that can be transported in a truck and sets the charge accordingly. The chart below shows the approximate cost of junk removal in Baltimore.

Load size Price range
1/4  truckload $60 to $150
1/2  truckload $150 to $300
3/4 truckload $300 to $400
Full load $400 +

Note: The cost varies depending on the size of the item or the number of trash bags. 

Average Prices For Common Junk Removal Services

Average Prices For Common Junk Removal Services


Here are the average prices for common junk removal services in Baltimore, providing ideas about the costs of clearing out unwanted items from your home or workspace.

Appliances: $50 – $150 per item, depending on size and weight.

Furniture: $80 – $250 per piece, based on size and complexity of removal.

Carpeting: $100 – $400 per room, varying with the amount and type of carpet.

Construction debris: $200 – $700 per truckload, influenced by volume and weight.

Tires: $5 – $15 each, considering size and disposal regulations.

Yard waste: $100 – $300 per truckload, depending on volume and type of waste.

Office equipment: $50 – $200 per item, depending on size and disposal requirements.

Scrap metal: $50 – $200 per load, depending on quantity and type of metal.

Whole House Junk Removal Cost

The expenditure of whole-house trash removal depends on many factors including the junk removal cost per hour, the number of employees, the type of items, truckload, etc. So, calculating the cost can be challenging as you have to consider several aspects at a time. The quickest way to estimate your expense is to use a junk removal cost calculator. 

Another simple way to figure out your debris removal cost is by using the cubic yard method. Generally, 1 cubic yard of trash is the same size as 1 washing machine. 

Let’s say a junk removal company in Baltimore, Maryland charges $60 per cubic yard. 

If you have 5 cubic yards of junk, you can calculate the cost by multiplying the number of cubic yards (5) by the price per cubic yard ($60). 

So, $60 × 5 = $300. 

That’s how much it would cost to remove 5 cubic yards of junk. 

This method helps you estimate the cost based on the volume of junk you have, making it easier to plan and budget for the removal process. Whether you’re cleaning out a garage or tackling a yard cleanup, knowing the approximate cost per cubic yard can be quite useful.

What Is The Cheapest Junk Removal Service?

What Is The Cheapest Junk Removal Service


To find the most affordable junk removal service, you need to be smart at selecting one. One trick is to go for a local junk removal company because they often have lower costs than big national ones.  

Booking the service in off-seasons like January or February when there’s not as much demand is another clever way to get the service at a cheap rate. That way, you might get a discount or special deal. Also, get quotes from a few companies to compare prices and what they offer. 

But watch out for really cheap options because they might not give you good service or cover everything you need. Some companies might cut corners on important stuff like properly getting rid of junk or recycling. Make sure the price they give you includes all the things you need. 

Charm City Haulers is a great choice for junk removal in Baltimore MD. We have a lot of services to meet different needs, making things easy for our customers. Whether you need to clean up messes or take on big demolition jobs, we cover everything fit what you need. Our team knows how to handle junk well and with care. We’re all about doing a great job and making sure our customers are happy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free junk removal service? 

Free junk removal services are rare but may be available through local government programs, donation centers, or community clean-up events.

What items a junk removal company will not haul?

Junk removal companies typically won’t haul hazardous materials like chemicals, asbestos, or biohazards, as well as large items such as pianos or hot tubs, due to safety or disposal regulations.

Can junk removal companies assist with recycling or donating items?

Yes, many junk removal companies offer recycling or donation services for items that are still in good condition. They may partner with local charities or recycling centers to ensure that reusable items are diverted from landfills whenever possible.

Do junk removal services in Baltimore have a license?

Yes, junk removal services operating in Baltimore typically require a business license to legally operate. This license ensures that the company meets certain standards and regulations set by the city or state authorities.

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